Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Letter To UNCG Chancellor Brady

Yes, as a matter of fact we do allow letters to the editor and guest posts here at EzGreensboro.com. Here's one now:

Chancellor Brady,

Recently you sent out an email inviting those with questions and concerns about the polices of UNCG's secondary employment and conflict of interest information.  Although this is an open forum to be held in Room 114 of the School of Education on 11/17/2014 @ 2pm, there are still many concerns on campus from my peers.

As a general SPA/EPA employee - how are we even able to ask questions without being reprimanded?  There are plenty of legitimate questions to be asked, but if employees are scared of their jobs being at jeopardy by asking these questions, why would the questions be asked?  Only tenured faculty feel comfortable asking the questions, thus the staff who are probably most affected by these policies are not able/comfortable to ask them.  Heck, I am reaching out to you but using a fake email address because I am too afraid myself of asking with my real name/address...

The way the last few weeks have been handled have terrified your employees across campus, and have become the butt of many jokes across the community.  Is this what you want for UNCG?  To be the place where people are afraid to come to work? To be the University that people are ashamed to have graduated from it, or be the laughing punch-line of jokes?  Does this define contributing to "Public Good?"  Is this the best way to "Do Something Bigger Altogether?"

I feel for the employees who were terminated, and maybe the termination was just, but how the rest of the process was handled is a complete failure and not ethical.  The administration has handled this entire course of events unfortunately, and the time and resources that have been wasted to hold public forums, create announcements, and back-track on previous statements have taken so many man-hours (I'm estimating approximately 500, at the minimum so far).  These hours and resources cannot be regained, but making the charges go away would help with the hostile and terrifying environment on campus.

Please stop giving the statement that UNCG has nothing to do with the charges, or that the charges cannot be dropped at this point.  Simple civics breaks those rules. Sure the DA pursued the charges, only because somebody (let's just say UNCG Police) brought them and requested the charges. UNCG Police were alerted by somebody or group to investigate these charges (i.e. Linda Brady, Paul Mason, Sherri MacCheyne, etc), so it's very simple...  Whomever requested they there were the "victim" to retract their charge with the DA, this would all go away, or at least get out of the papers.
If the goal was to get rid of the employees, your administration has done so, and probably have already run off others (current or potential) due to the lack of trust or scare tactics.

I do pray for the entire staff, including the Administration and Board of Trustees, of UNCG and hope things can settle soon so employees such as myself are no longer afraid to ask simple general questions about policies without being afraid they will jeopardize their jobs.

Regards and thanks for 2 minutes of your time-