Friday, October 10, 2014

Email From UNCG's Spoma Jovanovic To Faculty Senators

 Or, Letters, Oh We Get Letters!

From: Spoma Jovanovic <>
Subject: ORG-Faculty_Senate: Faculty Responses and Other Resources To Share
Date: October 9, 2014 at 10:56:06 PM EDT
To: "ORG-Faculty_Senate":;

Dear Faculty Senators,

Please share this email with those you represent.

The last week has created an opportunity for us to comment on recent events, starting at last week's Faculty Senate Meeting but certainly not ending there. This week, there was a press conference with the attorneys for Lyda Carpen, Chris English, and David Wilson, with a video shared by our faculty and available here:

Ben Ramsey, Sam Miller, and Bob Wineburg have written letters to our administrators and/or Board of Trustees as has Julie Palm. These were all written today and with their permission I have posted them to our BB site (under documents) and included them as attachments here.

The moment now calls for us to stand by our shared values--to educate ourselves and each other and to reach out with care toward others on our campus and in the community. We also, as many of you have said, maintain the vision of higher education as a place to critique, debate, question, and challenge as central to maintaining the essential features of democratic life. We must be willing not only to hear the views of others but to take action as well. What is included here is a representative sample of the good people who have spoken out in that way.

Spoma Jovanovic

UNCG Faculty Senate Chair
Well now Dr Brady, the UNCG genie has broken the bottle and you can't put the damned thing back inside-- guess you'd best get used to having it around doing as it damned well pleases 'cause you wasted your 3 wishes a long time ago. And from what we can tell from that press conference the only one who should have been lead away in handcuffs was Paul Mason.