Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hey Linda Brady, A University Leader To Emulate

MSNBC reported tonight that Raymond Burse has given up $90,000 of his salary to increase the wages of lower paid workers at the university he manages.

"Raymond Burse, the interim president of Kentucky State University, recently gave up more than $90,000 of his salary so 24 employees earning the state’s $7.25 minimum wage could collect $10.25 per hour. The minimum wage rate in Kentucky is the same as the federal amount, which took effect on July 24, 2009.

The university confirmed the salary decrease with msnbc on Wednesday, but Burse wasn’t available for comment. He told local reporters that his action wasn’t “a publicity stunt,” but rather a decision “for the people.”

Because Burse is serving in an interim position, he did not have a previous recent salary with the educational establishment. His contract includes an annual income of $259,744, according to a release from the university. The Kentucky State University Board of Regents originally offered him yearly earnings of $349,869 before Burse requested a change to provide additional funds to the two dozen workers."

So how much does Dr Brady get paid? UNCG Chancellor Dr Linda Brady is paid  $315,000 per year plus car and housing.And you can bet it's a very fancy car in a very swanky Greensboro neighborhood.

Meanwhile, in a letter to the editor of the Winston-Salem Journal  the following appears just as I have stolen it advertisement and all. Too bad I don't get paid for these ads I'm posting for these newspapers.

"Firing, worker arrests reflect poorly on UNCG 

John Jackson
The alleged criminal use of resources at UNCG, if true, is clearly an employee performance management issue. The manner in which it has been handled is an indictment of the UNCG leadership.
When the district attorney and law enforcement are asked to manage the performance of any organization’s employees, it begs questions regarding the competence of that organization’s leadership.
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Doesn’t UNCG have a business school to teach basic business leadership and management skills? Perhaps the leadership should be required to use those resources, on university time, to develop the ability to lead and manage effectively.
John Jackson

Wow, a direct hit on UNCG's business school! Can you see where this is going, when the folks who run the school don't even employ the sane business tactics that CEOs expect MBA graduates to know? Underpaid workers, overpaid executives, an entire university falling apart at the seams. What CEO is going to want to hire UNCG Bryan School of Business grads and what parents are going to want to pay the ever rising tuitions to send their kids to a business school that is apparently run by people who are clueless about business.

And did I mention the Bryan School of Business is named after one of, if not the largest benefactor UNCG has?