Monday, October 6, 2014

Reading Linda Brady's Mind

Our embedded investigator is so close to UNCG Chancellor Linda Brady we know what she's thinking:


It came as no surprise that the Board of Trustees came out showing support for the Chancellor, albeit with reluctance. Board Chairwoman made a point of saying the the Board does not normally get involved in personnel matters. As point of fact, according to the code outlining their powers and duties, Discharge or Suspension falls under the will of the Chancellor. You'll recognize that Board Chairwoman Safran's statement issued today and reported in the News-Record echoes language in the The Board of Trustees Code (

"Discharge or Suspension. 

Subject to regulations of the Board of Trustees and consistent with applicable policies of the Board of Governors, all discharges or suspensions of faculty members and administrative personnel, other than those subject to the State Personnel Act, shall be effected by the Chancellor. A discharged or suspended employee shall have such rights of appeal from the action of the Chancellor as may be prescribed by the University Code, policies of the Board of Governors, or regulations of the Board of Trustees.

The matter of discharging employees Subject to the Personnel Act (including those who are exempt from overtime) is not at all on their radar. This matter is more in line with the Chancellor's relationship to the Board of Governors and the President of the UNCG system. 

"Subject to policies prescribed by the Board of Governors and by the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor shall make recommendations for the appointment of personnel within The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. (See G.S. 116-34(d)) With respect to all personnel matters, including appointments, promotions, removals, and compensation for the institution's academic, administrative, and other staffs, which are required to be acted upon by the Board of Governors, the Chancellor shall make recommendations to the President."

So the removal of these workers actually is not something that the Board of Trustees can say yea or nay to. They can serve in an advisory role to the Board of Governors on behalf of the school and as adviser to the Chancellor regarding the management and development of the institution.

Today the Chancellor had the opportunity to set the direction that the institution will be taking on this matter and that is educating the community about secondary employment. This is the topic that will feed their defense and no other topic will be addressed.

Unfortunately, secondary employment is an excuse, not the issue. Today too many doors were shut. There were fearful and hushed conversations. There were silent moments as staff are concerned that anything that they say may be used against them. Students are beginning to notice that employees are shutting down. But not one of them is going to go to Human Resources to complain about their work environment. That message, that speaking out about harassment, intimidation, undermining of work performance, hostility, or bullying  will trigger a deep audit in search of any excuse for dismissal."
And we can also tell you that Linda Brady is more concerned with her own personal success than she is with the morale and success of well over 10,000 students, teachers and staff members at the University of North Carolina-- Greensboro. It's time our elected representatives in Raleigh started calling for Linda Brady's resignation-- ASAP.