Friday, October 17, 2014

The Paul Mason, UNCG Shills, Fall By The Wayside

First it was Dan Shriner who turned out to be a fired journalist from the Flint Journal in Flint, Michigan who got in trouble for making false accusations against a local business owner and ended up working for some two bit publication called Sherman Publications in a nearby town who showed up in News & Record threads shilling for UNCG Assistant Chancellor Paul Mason.

There was another whose name I forget but quickly fell by the wayside.

Then there was the infamous Townsend Marketa who was so stupid in choosing a surname as to choose one that does not exist anywhere else in the world. Townsend Marketa turned out to be Mark Townsend, Assistant General Council for VF Corporation and former coworker of Paul Mason.

 Kinda makes you wonder if the rumors that Mason did the same at previous employers might really be true. After all, if Townsend was covering for Mason then he would have personal reasons to cover for Mason now in the hopes that the investigation never goes that far.

 The bullying of  Mark "The Coward" Townsend and Dan "The Skipper" Shriner is typical of the traditional public relations approach to Internet marketing. Before the News & Record switched to Facebook commenting their comment threads would be filled with comments from the same PR folks using many different names. I used to see the same thing in tracking IP addresses on blog comments before I restricted commenting to registered commenters.

 The 2 of them obviously had years of experience at this sort of thing but unknown to them our ever growing team of volunteers at has been at this for a very long time as well. Not only are we well versed in the use of the Internet but our reach is far beyond what even I ever imagined it could ever be.

 Fact is: anymore, if I want to know something about someone or something all I have to do is put it out there that I want to know it and eventually it comes back to me. Sometimes in minutes, sometimes in months but eventually someone who knows finds out I want to know and he or she tells me. Sometimes I post what I want to know to a blog post and sometimes to Facebook, Twitter or an e-mail but eventually it comes home.

 And I tell everyone so the tyrants will fall.

 Goodbye Dan and Mark, you've both got some 'splain' to do to your employers as you've once again brought shame to your profession. I don't know about journalists but the comments Mr Townsend posted to the News & Record threads while using the name Townsend Marketa he might also be cause to have have a discussion with the NC Bar about ethics.

And Mark, I took screen grabs this morning so you're still screwed. Like I said, we're experienced at this game.


-Billy Jones, your friendly freelance, neighborhood Tyrannicide at your service.

Update: They've already began removing their comments and others mentioning their names from the various News & Record comment threads. These guys are scared.