Thursday, October 2, 2014

UNC And UNCG Secondary Employment Policy

Or, the End Of Paul Mason?

The following was sent to me by one of out investigators just this morning. Resignations from the Brady Bunch will now be accepted:

"Good morning, Billy.

Did you see the latest from Margaret Moffett?

I am attaching some documents from the UNCG and the Office of State Personnel website regarding Secondary Employment. 

The State considers full time SPA workers' state job to be their primary employment. If an SPA worker earns money outside of the primary job, that is considered secondary employment. It is the responsibility of the local institution to determine if the secondary employment constitutes a conflict of interest or impairs the worker from being able to carry out the responsibilities of the primary employment. 

Each institution is directed to make a policy and procedure to record instances of secondary employment. UNCG has a form (attached).

It is the administration's responsibility to hand a worker a form. It is the worker's responsibility to fill out the form. The administrator then reads the form and determines if there may be a conflict of interest. In some cases, the administrator may consult with the Office of State Human Resources to help determine if there is a conflict of interest. This form is to be filed with the university to assure appropriate record keeping.

As is typical at UNCG, the link to the local policy brings up a 404 error (screen capture attached).

When an institution does not have a readily available policy, the institution reverts to the state policy (attached).

Interestingly, training manuals do cover secondary employment so I attached the summary from new SPA employee training. This does not substitute for having and publishing a policy. It is a summary and does not clarify the consequences for having a second source of income.

So the questions arise. Did the former administrator for University Relations fail to hand these folks a form? When the current administrator discovered that an employee was taking pictures of happy families and youth groups (, did he consult Human Resources and follow through with the procedure of checking record keeping, providing a form for secondary employment, interpreting the form, informing the workers of a possible conflict of interest? Did the workers refuse to comply with filling out the form if it was provided? Were their forms misfiled or lost? Were they informed of a conflict of interest? Did they (gulp) defy administration? 

Margaret brings up some interesting points.

"they face prison time for matters many employers would consider administrative, not criminal"

She notes that the letters allege that "English and Wilson ran Artisan out of UNCG's office, which violates their secondary-employment agreements." If UNCG is claiming that these two are in violation of their agreements, then they very well may have judiciously complied with filling out their forms . In that case, after administration dutifully read and interpreted their forms, were the workers counseled that there was a conflict of interest and they should cease and desist or face criminal charges? Keep in mind, it is the administration's responsibility to decide if their is a conflict of interest and if they are unsure, they can consult with the Office of State Human Resources.

The other point she brings up is "Whether the university investigated the outside employment of employees in other departments." If this is the case, there are going to be a lot more felonies charged. I imagine that there is a secretary who sketches portraits and sells them in local galleries, a seamstress who designs cosplay outfits for a small fee, an accountant who sells tomatoes and eggs at the Farmer's market on the weekend, an executive assistant who sells tupperware on the side; SPA employees in the main are the lowest paid of university employees and many may need a little extra to make ends meet."

Someone please inform Paul Mason and Linda Brady they are the fortunate victims of Tyrannicide by Billy Jones and the team at