Wednesday, October 15, 2014

UNCG's Dr Linda Brady Seeking New Executive Assistant

This came to me several days ago and got lost in all the excitement:

"This is strange position announcement. First, it's a repost which means that it has been previously posted and the search is already in process. Second, the position summary is written like an SPA position and it has a recruitment range. Third, the position type is Administrator/Professional which is EPA.

I have attached the SPA Career Banded description for an Executive Assistant so you can compare. 

I also attached and I am directing you to a presentation that clarifies EPA employment characteristics. It's long but you only need to see slides 12 to 17. ( )

EPA non-faculty administrative positions include Senior Academic Officers, Associate Directors, some Assistant Directors, Administrative Officers and Instructional Research.

EPA positions salary are always commensurate with experience. 

EPA employees serve at the will of the Chancellor. 

SPA employees enjoy a protection by the state and cannot be dismissed on a whim. To remove them, they must be fired for cause.

It would be interesting to compare this re-post with the original. Was this originally posted as an SPA position? If so, why the change?"

Job Posting

Executive Assistant

Positions Exempt


One would think that an executive assistant would be a quite valuable position-- one that would deserve the protections and benefits of the State Personnel Act. After all, this is the person who works closest with the Chancellor herself .

Is Chancellor Brady currently without an executive assistant?

If Chancellor Brady has an executive assistant does that person know he or she is slated for replacement? Wouldn't it be a bummer to find out you were getting canned when reading a blog post? If that happened to me I'd be subject to go postal.

Wouldn't any chancellor want the most experienced and highly qualified applicants available? If yes then why advertise the job as only suitable for the least qualified, lowest paid workers?

Does Dr Brady have a difficult time keeping executive assistants? How many executive assistants has Dr Brady had since coming to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro? I mean seriously folks, do you really think chancellors handle the day by day details of running a university? Hell no, their executive assistants do the real work and everyone knows it. You cross the executive assistant and you might as well have crossed the chancellor herself.

Has the culture of fear that is now apparent in the department run by assistant Vice Chancellor Paul Mason spread throughout the entire campus as postings on Facebook and Twitter continually suggest?

And why are neither Paul Mason nor Linda Brady speaking for themselves? What are they hiding from?