Monday, October 13, 2014

UNCG's Paul Mason Chops His Own Neck

To get a bit of perspective we here at decided to do a bit of research on UNCG vice chancellor Paul Mason who began his job at UNCG with much fanfare on April Fools Day before firing over half the department.

On November 10, 2008, Paul Mason announced aggressive growth for VF Corporation. Just 36 days later Mr Mason announced job cuts. in Kansas.

In January of 2009, Paul Mason declined to comment on layoffs in California and other states across the nation.

As a matter of fact, in searching for quotes by Paul Mason the quote most commonly attributed to Paul Mason is "Paul Mason refused to comment" leading us to wonder if Paul Mason really is a communications and marketing director as he claims to be.

From Paul Mason's Linked-in profile

"Associate Vice Chancellor, Marketing and Strategic Communication

UNC Greensboro

Educational Institution; 10,001+ employees; Higher Education industry
2014Present (less than a year) Greensboro, North Carolina Area

Director, Communications

TE Connectivity

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; TEL; Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing industry
20122014 (2 years)

Executive Director, Global Media Relations

Johnson Controls

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; JCI; Mechanical or Industrial Engineering industry
20112012 (1 year)

Director, Corporate Communications

VF Corporation

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; VFC; Apparel & Fashion industry
20062011 (5 years)

Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Jefferson-Pilot Corporation

Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; Insurance industry
20012006 (5 years)

National Media Relations Mgr.

Duke Energy Corporation

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; DUK; Utilities industry
19992001 (2 years)

Vice President, National Media Relations

Wachovia Corporation

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; WFC; Financial Services industry
19951999 (4 years)"

Is that the profile of a man on the way up or a man who can't hold a job at the corporate level-- someone who cuts throats until those at the top finally see it necessary to stop the bleeding and send him packing? 

Character assassination? How many characters did Paul Mason assassinate? Besides, I've made it no secret my job title is Tyrannicide.  We'll continue to research and try to document as much as possible about Paul Mason and yes we'll express our opinions.

If you don't like it you can always start your own blog or crawl back into the hole you crawled out of. Oh, and take Paul Mason with you, Dan Shriner