Monday, October 13, 2014

Why Do I Do This?

I trust very few. And even most who help me have ulterior motives or personal ambitions for what they do. So why do I fight so hard for change in Greensboro? Why am I fighting for change at UNCG when I'm not even connected to the school?

Political ambitions? Money? Power? Fame? Control? Revenge?

Me, I just want to change a city and while most people don't seem to understand why I'm willing to work so hard for something when there's nothing in it for me personally, I believe that if we could change just one city the world would look at us and say, "We're going to do what they did in Greensboro."  Then the world would be a better place.

You see, three years ago when I started this blog I know fixing the world was too big a challenge for me but I dreamed, and maybe it's only a dream, that I might change just one city. Yeah, crazy but crazy never stopped me before. Besides, no one else seemed to be doing anything.

It's not about politics. I'm a social liberal and a fiscal conservative who firmly believes the common enemy and biggest threat to the left and the right is corruption. I don't use this blog to push my social liberal beliefs and discourage others from doing the same at Real Progress For Greensboro, the only political forum in Greensboro that isn't under the control of Greensboro's status quo.

It ain't about religion (I'm Deist and not a religious man) politics or any of the reasons my detractors will claim. I'll go to my grave a poor man regardless of the outcome of my struggles. But I'd damn sure like to go knowing I helped to change one city for the better.

And personally, if someone else would do this I'd write poetry, garden and ride motorcycles.