Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Am I The Reason Lisa Johnson Tonkins Lost The Election?

I can't claim to know for a fact that my work is the reason the daughter of Greensboro City Council Woman Yvonne Johnson lost her bid for Clerk of Court but Lisa Johnson Tonkins was the heavily favored candidate who got the endorsement of the News & Record as well as the Simkins PAC.

You see, it was my multi-part story, The Yvonne And Walter Johnson Saga that pointed out, with documentation from the NC Bar I might add, how Lisa's father, Walter Johnson, a practicing attorney at law was disbarred for ripping off poor people-- many of them African-Americans-- and how Yvonne Johnson and daughter Lisa worked with dear old dad to hide assets to protect them from lawsuits and prevent the Internal Revenue Service from collecting over $500,000 that was due the United States government.

I pointed out how Lisa, a Guilford County assistant district attorney, was a co conspirator in her father's crimes by helping him to cover up after the fact and how she stands to benefit by inheriting what her father stole.

But am I the reason Lisa Johnson Tonkins lost and Janet Wallace won? Sadly no, not enough people knew the truth about Lisa Johnson Tonkins. Maybe next time they will.