Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Civil Rights Museum's Lacy Ward shafted by Simkins PAC cronies

"Lacy Ward is out as executive director of the International Civil Rights Center & Museum.

What was the vote tally?

Hired in April, many hoped Ward could rehabilitate the finances — and reputation...

...of a Skip Alston and Earl Jones controlled entity, 
of which they stand to personally profit once the debt is paid off
by City of Greensboro taxpayers.

...“We terminated his employment as of tonight, effective immediately,” Deena Hayes-Greene, chairwoman of the board of directors, said after a closed-door meeting Monday night. “We wish Mr. Ward a lot of luck in his future.”

As board members representing City of Greensboro taxpayers, 
Jim Westmorland and Nancy Vaughan should have been in the meeting.

...“I can say that we are very optimistic about the future of the museum,” Hayes-Greene said. “All of us are rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. We have ambitious plans.”

Who voted for what?

...Ward referred all questions to Hayes-Greene and Earl Jones, the board’s vice chair.

While Hayes-Greene would not discuss the reason for the dismissal nor the board’s vote, there had been tensions since Ward pushed to expand the museum’s 15-member board of directors to make it more representative of the community.

Some board members previously told the News & Record that they thought Ward was overstepping his role by getting involved with the museum’s board.

Board of Directors

Deena Hayes-Green, Chairman, Earl F. Jones, Vice Chairman,
Dr. Edward B. Fort, Secretary, Daniel Duncan, Treasurer

Board Members

Melvin “Skip” Alston, George Clopton, Bruce Davis, Hurley W. Derrickson,
 Mark Dimondstein, 
Robert Goldstein, Doug S. Harris, Sallie Hayes-Williams,
 Hugh Holston, Henry Isaacson, George Johnson, Richard A. Koritz,
 Samantha Magill, Frank McCain, Ronald L. Milstein,
James “Jim” Morgan, Sandra O’Connor, Gladys F. Shipman,
Russ Stellfox, Nancy Vaughan, James Westmoreland

City Councilman Zack Matheny, ...said late Monday he was disappointed with Ward’s dismissal...

Allen Johnson;

Mayor Nancy Vaughan ...said the museum meeting presumably concerned Lacy Ward, its director.

What that may mean is that Ward, who has been on the job for six months now, will win over a divided board to keep is job and move forward with his brutally honest (and refreshing) approach to winning supporters and building community trust in the museum.

Or not.

...Ward would only refer me to the board for comment. Twice.

Yes Weekly Column; "ON GREENSBORO’S CIVIL RIGHTS MUSEUM", by George Hartzman


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