Sunday, November 9, 2014

From the "Minutes of the Faculty Senate", October 1, 2014 Meeting, on UNCG Budget Cuts

"Remarks and Q/A: Update on Salary Administration and 2015-2017 Budget Planning

Linda Brady, Chancellor

The Chancellor described the memo received from UNC General Administration on September 17, asking campuses to prepare for a 2% budget cut.

The three firings occured on September 26, 
after the Chancellor recieved word of impending budget cuts.

UNCG’s total budget is approximately $143 million, so our portion to cut would be about $2.9 Million.

As the school builds a $90 million plus Rec Center.

We were given until September 29 to plan the cut, using the guidelines that had been in place since 2008.

The three firings occured on September 26, 
after the Chancellor was given until September 29 to plan the cuts.

...The Provost allocated .85% to 1.35% of the cuts to the College and the Schools...

Considerations are based on changes in revenue projections, but we don’t know yet that the budget cuts will occur or what they will be."
It appears UNCG is trying to cull the herd of employees in the face of coming budget cuts.

Considering Paul Mason's employment background, it looks like UNCG administration deployed Mason to make some employment costs fall within some "non-essential" staff roles.

I hear Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Edna Chun has a history of preventing/discouraging/retaliating against UNCG employees from filing workplace harassment claims.

It's my understang Linda Brady was asked to fire Paul Mason and refused.

Brady’s administration seems to have created an atmosphere in which the unleashing of hatchets to sever staff is not just tolerated but has been actively initiated (Paul Mason) in the face of impending budget cuts from above.

A source indirectly connected with some members of the UNCG Board of Trustees is under the impression there are others operating under the same unwritten Brady administration policy of intimidation, threats, and offensive treatment to lower the staff count.

It appears some staff who complained have been told they should be ashamed of themselves for complaining.

Now that it has become a known, known that a chunk of UNCG's workforce stands to be eliminated, some well connected faculty "in-crowds" have adopted the same heavy-handed behind the scenes tactics as the administration to keep a hold of thier positions.

I hear the result is an atmosphere that has pervaded the campus in which executive staff feel they can treat people in any way they choose to weed out the non-conformists, evidenced by a wholesale dismissal of faculty concerns by public statements by Chancellor Brady to the faculty senate.