Monday, November 24, 2014

Rocco Scarfone Hates Trees

Over the course of the last few weeks I've concentrated on the criminal record of Rocco "Rocky" Carmine Scarfone. Tonight let's talk about some of the political favors Greensboro's leaders have afforded Mr Scarfone.

For example: when Mr Scarfone, Frank Lato and several other men went before the Greensboro Advisory Commission On Trees for illegally clearing trees without a permit including from properties they didn't own and didn't have permission to cut timber on, the Advisory Commission overturned the charges against Scarfone even though Scarfone admitted to breaking the law.

Seems if you're a wealthy gangster in Greensboro and claim you don't know you were breaking the law that makes everything okay. Try that the next time you're stopped for speeding by GPD when you didn't realize you were speeding.

I found it interesting that Frank Lato's name came up in this as well. You see, earlier this year I reported on an illegal landfill operating at 513 Brae Burn Lane in a residential neighborhood inside the Greensboro City Limits. As it turned out Francis (Frank) R. Lato and Lato Holdings, a Greensboro real estate developer was responsible for that as well. And nothing was ever done about it.

I also found it interesting that just last year. Mayor Nancy Vaughan, then Councilwoman Vaughan was working desperately to build her reputation on saving Greensboro's trees while crafting the new tree ordinance designed to prevent Duke Energy from cutting so many trees in Greensboro and here we have Nancy posing with tree butcher, Rocco Scarfone.