Friday, November 28, 2014

Skip And Earl Knew About The Water Problems Before Construction Of The ICRCM Began

Those who have kept up with the long struggle of the International Civil Rights Center and Museum will remember how during its construction the Board Of Directors was forced to come begging the Greensboro City Council for unexpected funds to repair what had been reported as previously unknown water problems in the building's basement. Well it just so happens that in the comments to Bill Bankovich's Letter to the Editor today, Michael Paquette tells a completely different story:

"Suzanne that is what the museum needs is fresh ideas. I was selected to be on the first advisory board for the INCRM because of my knowledge of history and construction. On my first tour ( long before the museum opened) I pointed out the water problems in the basement and the fact that the roof would not be able to hold the mechanical systems ( HVAC). I was then told that I was selected to be a fund razor ( sp ment). How is a redneck white boy going to raise funds ? After a confrontation with Skip and Earl , I soon submitted my resignation."
Like wow, that's a completely different story than was told in the media. We were told the water problems weren't discovered until long after construction began. The opening was delayed because of the need to repair the water damage. From Sarah Lance of WFMY TV:

"The museum was scheduled to open on the 45-th anniversary of the sit-in in 2005, but the date had to be pushed back. 

"As we started initial demolition, there was water infiltration everywhere. The water table as most know, in downtown Greensboro is very high. And so this building along with others along Elm Street face constantly challenges of water permeating foundations," says the museum's executive director, Amelia Parker. 

Last February first, museum leaders announced they had enough money to open the museum on February 1, 2010, the 50th anniversary of the sit-in"

Wow, a 5 year delay because Skip and Earl refused to listen to Michael Paquette? Or was it delayed 5 years while Skip and Earl did something else with the money?

You decide.