Sunday, December 21, 2014

Another List, Another Failure For Greensboro

Movoto Real Estate just published their list of the 50 Safest Cities In North Carolina.

Greensboro isn't on the list but Charlotte is at 47th. Asheboro came in at 48, High Point 42 and Burlington at #40. Fifteen minutes north of Greensboro, Reidsville came in at number 35.

Raleigh came in at 31, Graham in nearby Alamance County at 26 and Kernersville, which like High Point, now borders Greensboro, came in at 21.

Not surprisingly the #1 spot on the list went to the wealthy golf mecca of Pinehurst. Fact is: poor people don't live in Pinehurst and the working class commutes to jobs there. In that way Pinehurst is able to export most of its crime to nearby Carthage, Southern Pines and other Moore County communities just as has always been done there. Greensboro's elites would no doubt love to use the same approach to fighting crime by pricing the working class out of the city just as Pinehurst has managed to do.

Surprisingly though, High Point and Charlotte were well known for decades as being more dangerous than Greensboro. It would appear these years of development at any cost is costing Greensboro its rankings and making Greensboro appear to be a less desireable place to bring one's family and business.

Good job, Mayor Vaughan, you're adherence to Mayor Perkins' agenda seems to be right on schedule. Pretty soon he and his friends will be able to buy the entire city for pennies on the dollar.