Saturday, December 27, 2014

Blatant Roy Carroll / John Hammer Rhino Times Propaganda

Now that Roy owns a news dissemination vehicle,
he may want to check in on some journalism ethics.

Here he is promoting the closing of a street by the city
from which he looks to have pocketed a million or so
of public taxpayer paid for land,
while demeaning another part of town he doesn't have an interest in,
to drive more business to his properties instead of theirs.

This is how fascism works.

If opposition to this avenue of marketing
portrayed under the cover of "journalism" or "opinion" isn't protested
our community will deserve what it ends up with.

Roy gets to spread this message
without opposition from most in the local news business,
which gives the impression it's an accepted practice.

This is how freedom is lost.

Dysfunctional town we live in.