Sunday, December 28, 2014

Civil Rights Center Questions Unanswered

Today the News & Record published Civil rights museum: Debt reports are misleading prompting me to post the following open letter to  Deena Hayes-Greene, chairwoman of the board of the International Civil Rights Center & Museum.

As the title suggests, the debt reports are misleading, did you write the title or is that a product of the News & Record propaganda machine?

I ask because your letter really didn't address the discrepancies in the debt reports. For example: the Rhino Times and News & Record reported Mayor Vaughan as saying the ICRCM as being $25.9 Million Dollars in debt but the financials leaked to me indicate the ICRCM is actually $29.5 Million Dollars in debt as of October 1, 2014.

Attendance and revenue are dropping, not going up.

The ICRCM owes $3.14 Million Dollars to their landlord, Museum Tenant Llc. The value of the building they occupy is $1.9 Million Dollars and change.

Can you please address this $5 Million Dollar Discrepancy in the reporting of not only the News & Record but also the Rhino Times and the Mayor of Greensboro? Were none of them shown the actual financial records? Were you?

Thank you, Deena.

Please understand, I'm not accusing Deena of anything, I'm just asking the questions that no one in local government or the local media has asked. After all, $5 Million is a lot to ignore and if it's true that numbers don't lie then it is past time our questions from over a month ago were addressed.