Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fighting The Good Fight: Cooldeb

Last Friday night I met a number of you who have been deeply involved in the struggles at UNCG and promised you that EzGreensboro.com was not finished with the story and with that we continue searching out the accounts of others you might not have read before while we continue our behind the scenes investigations.

"For those of you reading this post who know our circle of colleagues dubbed ‘The UNCG Three’ in the media, I could leave it at that and you’d get it.

Many of us have joined David, Lyda and Chris on a path that began without vision or expectation, as we were called to this journey before we understood its meaning and outcomes.

The following is a CliffsNotes version of recent events…

Sept. 12 : UNCG notifies former colleagues David, Lyda and Chris they are under investigation for allegedly falsifying time sheets. Their computers are seized and all three are put on paid leave. Many of us from the University Relations department gather in utter disbelief as we try to reason and process what has occurred among us."

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