Thursday, December 11, 2014

Greensboro City Market Signs Illegal Contract

Remember our old friend, downtown developer and con artist, Jim Budd? Well it looks as if the Buddman is at it once again. This time he entered into a contract with Downtown Greensboro Inc and the City of Greensboro for an event called City Market using the corporate name Zazz Hospitality Group. Problem is: According to the North Carolina Secretary of State there is no such legal entity as the Zazz Hospitality Group nor has there ever been.

Leaving one to wonder of the possible involvement of Jim's business partners Greensboro City Councilwoman Nancy Hoffmann and Nick Piornack.

Of course I could be wrong entirely. You see, I found the contract by doing a Google search for the search terms "Zazz Hospitality Group" So I checked the other companies listed on the contract:

Running With Horses Llc belongs to a Mr Julian N Loflin of Greensboro.

Momentum Development Partners, Llc belongs to Nick and Budd.

So how do I know Nick and Budd own Zazz? Because they told the News & Record they do:

"Recently, Jim Budd and Nick Piornack, Zazz Hospitality Group and Momentum Development renovated a mill on Barnhardt Street and opened The Worx, a restaurant which provides “classic, comfort, and cheer.” (Be sure to try the signature Barnhardt burger when you go.)
Next, Zazz Hospitality Group will open Spice Cantina, offering a fresh, authentic and fun vibe 
and generous patio for
specialty drinks and 
dining, next door to 
The Worx."

Another on the long list of the City of Greensboro helping crooks to get out of paying their state and federal taxes.Can a city be charged with aiding and abetting or just city employees?

Oh, and while we're at it let's give thanks to Jim's lifelong friend Rebecca Hannah for putting Jim back on our Radar here at There's nothing better than old friends to dredge up shit you don't want anyone else to know.