Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Imogene Cathey Has History Of Failure To Comply

Today the Greensboro News & Record is reporting that UNCG's Imogene Cathey:

"Cohen said he asked UNCG attorneys on Monday whether the university will comply with state law and give Carpen a copy of the recommendation.

Cohen said the university hadn’t responded as of 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

“It’s (Carpen’s) grievance. It’s her personnel file,” he said. “She has a right to see it and decide what to do with it.

“Why should the chancellor be able to see it and not the employee? What’s going on?”
UNCG attorney Imogene Cathey didn’t respond to an email about the matter Tuesday afternoon."

Our own investifators are also waiting on Ms Cathey to reply to Public Information Requests, some going back months. And when she does reply the information is too often incomplete, incorrect, outdated or the wrong information altogether.

It's time Imogene Cathey and the rest of the Brady Bunch found other employment, perhaps even left the country as they'll all soon be doing when the scandal breaks about how the properties for the rec center were bought. Yes, Randall Kaplan, we know about that too.