Friday, December 19, 2014

Now Billy, About that Post

I have to give you a gentle admonishment about your post "UNCG Continues Threats and Intimidation." You characterized me as a "former UNCG victim." As you know, I used to work for UNCG and part  of my job was to research and interpret business affairs procedures and academic policies. In consideration of that work, I would like to be very clear about, shall we say, "coveted victim status."

According to Human Resources, I was not in a hostile work environment. According to Human Resources, I was not in a harassing environment. According to my department, there was no actionable item to address. According to the Dean of Students, Honor Code violations are not actionable as they have a developmental model and only academic issues are addressed.

Therefore, according to UNCG,

1- it is acceptable for faculty to circulate a letter among colleagues stating that they don't like a staff person's job description and that it should be eliminated

2-. it is within collegial relations for a looming  250+ pound male associate professor to block a door to a meeting room and say "we don't want you here"

3- it is acceptable for a faculty member  to have a screaming fit in the Registrar's Office (yes, screaming, raised voice with spittle, screaming) to the point that a Registrar's staff member alerts the home department that their worker may be in danger

4- it is acceptable for faculty to undermine a staff person's programming and outreach by slandering her in the greater Greensboro Community
5- it is OK for faculty to undermine a staff person's programming within the department by requiring students to refrain from participating in that programming as a condition of their dissertation committee acceptance
6-  it is acceptable for faculty to use their influence with students to 'get rid of' a staff person and threaten the students that if they do not participate then it will be reflected in their dissertation defense

7- it is acceptable for faculty to intimidate the daughter of a staff person in public
8- it is good and right when a research associate hacks into a staff members social media and makes changes, particularly in regard to their employment status (but only when that associate happens to be the spouse of a faculty member and therefore covered by Human Resource protection)
9 -it is protected speech when a doctoral student falsely and maliciously informs a teenage visitor that a staff person is a registered pedophile
10-it is acceptable behavior when a group of male students with a history of physical aggression towards women spread false, malicious, humiliating, and baseless rumors as this is free speech
11- it is appropriate for doctoral students to speak about "getting some" with a staff person while in a general open area in front of that staff person's minor son.

12- it is protected speech when a student calls a staff person at home to say that since she is divorced she must be 'wanting some' so a group of male students were going to show up at her house and 'slip it in'

13-it is within the guidelines of good Human Resource policy and procedure that faculty can make false, malicious, vicious  and baseless accusations regarding a staff person's personal and professional life.

14-it is good process when Human Resources cherry picks witnesses excluding all witnesses in one side of a dispute despite mandates of the equal opportunity commission which states that all witnesses must be interviewed

So Billy, I do need to remonstrate. The Director of Talent Management and Affirmative Action Officer in Human Resources and the Dean of Students explained to me that despite my perception that this was a hostile and harassing environment based on these events and much more, apparently I was incorrect and therefore not a victim.

Editor's Note: Ms Billeci's post was partially in response to UNCG Continues Threats And Intimidation .