Saturday, December 13, 2014

Roy Carroll's Lobbyist funding buried in the Consent agenda of Greensboro's City Council Meeting; 12/16/2014

6.  Resolution Approving Service Contract # 2014- 10225 for Federal Grant Fund Lobbying Services
"Pillsbury is a full-service law firm with a keen industry focus on the energy and natural resources, financial services, real estate and construction, and technology sectors.

If Pillsbury represents
the energy and natural resources industries,
does that mean they support Fracking and strip mining
and foriegn energy companies like from Qatar Petroleum?

Pillsbury represents the following financial firms;

Financial Services
Allen & Company LLC
Atlas Holdings LLC
Bank of America
Bank of the West
BNP Paribas
BNY Mellon
Deutsche Bank
Morgan Stanley
Performant Financial Corporation
Union Bank

Wells Fargo

If Pillsbury represents
the energy and natural resources industries,
does that mean they support less regulation for thier clients,
which may not be in the best interests of many human beings
living in the City of Greensboro?

...We are particularly noted for representing energy, financial services, government contractor, technology and university clients in complex litigation matters, restructurings, labor suits, and intellectual property disputes.

If Pillsbury represents corporate clients in intellectual property disputes,
does that mean they support higher consumer prices
for some of thier clients,
which may not be in the best interests of many human beings
living in the City of Greensboro?

If Pillsbury represents
the financial services, government contractor industries,
does that mean they support more government debt for thier clients,
which may not be in the best interests of many human beings
living in the City of Greensboro?

Pillsbury makes a significant and sustained investment in monitoring—and helping shape—the industries in which our clients compete, from energy and financial services to real estate and technology. We not only attend the same industry events as our clients, but are often the presenters and keynote speakers.

Regulatory capture occurs when a...regulatory agency
created to act in the public interest
instead acts in favor of the commercial or special interests
that dominate in the industry or sector it is charged with regulating.

...the complexity of the global energy industry led us to build an Energy team that covers all aspects of project development, financing and regulation, providing both industry leaders and new entrants the 360-degree perspective they need to compete effectively.

Regulatory capture is a form of government failure,
as it can act as an encouragement for large firms
to produce negative externalities.

...our practice teams include lawyers who sit on the standards bodies and working groups that define industry rules. Our Public Policy team is another resource for clients seeking to advocate policy options before federal and state lawmakers.

...regulatory capture occurs because groups or individuals
with a high-stakes interest
in the outcome of policy or regulatory decisions
can be expected to focus their resources and energies
in attempting to gain the policy outcomes they prefer,
while members of the public,
each with only a tiny individual stake in the outcome,
will ignore it altogether.

...In tightly regulated industries like aviation, health care and communications, our clients benefit from working with lawyers that formerly served in government oversight positions. Across the firm, more than 75 Pillsbury lawyers have held top positions at government and regulatory agencies.

Regulatory capture
refers to when this imbalance of focused resources
devoted to a particular policy outcome
is successful at "capturing" influence
with the staff or commission members of the regulatory agency,
so that the preferred policy outcomes
of the special interest are implemented.

...We have a passion for our work, a strong bond with our colleagues and an unshakable dedication to our clients' interests."


...A captured regulatory agency
that serves the interests of its invested patrons
with the power of the government behind it
is often worse than no regulation whatsoever.

Regulatory Capture

"Pillsbury lawyers have influenced and shaped not just the law,
but the geopolitical landscape,
helping to set policy on everything from the environment
to securities reform and international banking regulations.

Among the firm's illustrious alumni are two Secretaries of State,
two Secretaries of War, an Assistant Secretary of Defense,
a Supreme Court Justice, and a Nobel Laureate.

Today, nearly 100 Pillsbury lawyers have held top positions
at various government and regulatory agencies,
including the DOJ, EPA, FAA, FERC, IRS, NOAA, SEC and USPTO,
as well as serving in Congress
and as senior White House staff and advisors."
The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP)
named Pillsbury to the 2011 list of World's Best Outsourcing Advisors.

2010 European Outsourcing Assn MultiSourcing Award
Pillsbury’s Sourcing practice was honored with an EOA award
for the Best Multi-sourcing Project of the Year
on behalf of client GlaxoSmithKline.

Has Mr. Saperstein worked to increase NC taxpayer energy costs
for clients Duke Power and Progress Energy?

Did Mr. Saperstein work to eliminate NC jobs
by lobbying for clients' Duke Power and Progress Energy's merger?

Who has Mr. Saperstein counseled
"involved in congressional investigations"?

Has Mr. Saperstein worked to increase health care costs
for NC taxpayers
by lobbying for pharma etc...clients?