Monday, December 15, 2014


"Attendance and revenue at the International Civil Rights Center and Museum continued to sag in the last two months, according to statistics presented to the museum’s board in mid-November.

Visits to the museum are at near all-time lows for three straight months, with only an anomaly of 1,554 visits in Sept. 2013 undercutting the attendance levels at the museum this fall.

Revenues are also at historically low levels, with the museum bringing in barely half of last year’s October receipts, and about 70 percent in November.

The attendance and revenue figures were part of materials disseminated at the civil right’s museum’s Nov. 17 board of director’s meeting.

The statistical comparison presented at the meeting shows that 2,037 people visited the museum in September, with a calendar-year low 1,958 in October, followed by 2,048 in November.

Museum revenues for the same period fell sharply as well. September receipts came in at $14,327, a low for 2014, followed by $15,550 in October. The museum saw $14,513 in November revenue. The historic low for monthly revenue was $12,739 in Sept. 2013.

The ICRCM appears on pace for record lows in both attendance and revenues. Just 43,686 visitors entered the museum so far in 2014, earning revenues of $310,391. With a month left in the calendar year, it appears unlikely that the museum will avoid previous lows of 53,081 visitors in 2011 and $385,192 in 2012 revenue."