Monday, December 1, 2014

Yes Weekly Editorial on Greensboro City Council District changes proposed by Roy Carroll via the Rhino's John Hammer

"There is a move afoot, it seems, to redraw Greensboro’s city council districts next year. Such a move was recently reported and sourced to unnamed business interests in the city [who own the Rhino Times] who think it’s bad that regular folks, as opposed to the business elite, deigned to get themselves elected to city council.

It’s likely a pushback against two of the newest council members, Sharon Hightower and Jamal Fox, both community activists who rode popular sentiment to upset victories over council incumbents in the 2013 election.

...we stand by the right of the people to elect their own representatives.

Hightower and Fox are energetic, visionary representatives of their constituencies and serve the city well. Much better, it can be argued, than some empty suit purchased by another set of developers looking for shovels full of cash and sweetheart deals from political insiders.

It appears Roy and Hammer want to rid City Council
of fairly elected African American members
who don't always do what Roy Carroll, Jim Melvin, Marty Kotis
Koury Corporation, TREBIC and others want them to do.

The most likely scenario for a council redistricting will be a bill moved in the state legislature by a conservative Republican with a long history of public service. Given that it’s the long session coming in 2015, local bills don’t have to have unanimous consent. The likelihood that it will pass is great.

If the African American community doesn't step up and fight 
beyond letting the Skip Alston and Earl Jones crowd 
who are in Roy Carroll and friends pocket let it happen, 
they will have no one to blame but themselves.

Right now there are five council districts, three at large representatives and a mayor elected by the people. A council of seven gerrymandered districts, that itself elects the mayor, is a distinct possibility.

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