Friday, January 16, 2015

Bulent Bediz January 2 Arrest

My Latest E-mail to City Council:

"I did a PIRT request for the Code Enforcement videos from Jan 2 when Mr Bediz was arrested. Apparently the folks in Code Enforcement were not paying much attention to what their own personal including the woman who I think is head of Code Enforcement was saying.
This will come in very handy in Mr Bediz's defense and upcoming lawsuits.
I also found it interesting that the Code Enforcement officer taking the video placed his hand over the lens early on during Mr Bediz's arrest as if he was trying to hide evidence.
No doubt Mr Bediz's lawyer will make the same points in court.
My recommendation would be to cease and desist with all scheduled demolitions immediately.
And as always I intend to post this to my blog now for mine and Mr Bediz's personal safety.
-Billy Jones"