Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cityfi issues Request for Participation

From the Cityfi blog:

"GREENSBORO, NC — Cityfi, the plan for city-wide public Wi-Fi for Greensboro, N.C., has issued a Request for Participation for upcoming field tests. Cityfi is a finalist in the Strong Cities, Strong Communities Economic Challenge, a competition sponsored by the City of Greensboro and the federal Economic Development Agency to find the best ideas for promoting economic growth in Greensboro.

The Request for Participation invites equipment makers and vendors, software developers and system integrators to participate in a series of field tests to evaluate Cityfi’s proposal of using the City of Greensboro’s existing infrastructure of fiber optic cable and Wi-Fi hotspots to distribute Wi-Fi as a public service into the city’s neighborhoods and business districts. 

The Request for Participation may be downloaded at http://cityfi.org/?p=2804.
Inquiries can be directed to:
Roch Smith, Jr.
(336) 337-3619"