Friday, January 9, 2015

David B Craft Is Screwed

I tried to warn people what the downtown performing arts center would bring. One of those people was David B Craft of Craft Insurance, a 3rd generation rich kid from Fisher Park who has never worked a day in his life, spends his days drinking, playing golf and commenting on blogs and social networking sites while complaining to the guys he hangs out with that he can't hire people who are willing to work.

David and his brother Daniel own several downtown properties and stood to make some money from the building of what is now being called the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts. David quickly got in bed with the devil to see that the performing arts center was built.

But David's passion has always been the history of Greensboro and if David has ever really worked at anything it was in-fact the saving and restoration of Greensboro's historic structures. Some of what David did is silly and a waste of money like those brown street signs downtown that best serve to confuse folks from out of town but David was behind several historic preservation projects that were well deserved and right for Greensboro.

David had to be quiet when Roy Carroll tore down the historic Dixie Apartments. It had to hurt. I'm sure the knot in David's throat made it hard for him to breath. He probably threw down a few extra drinks with his buddy Jeff Martin in an effort to try and forget Dixie but she haunts him still.

Finally David had to speak up and wrote Keep old gas station as link to the past in today's News & Record:

"Situated in all this is a modest old slate-roof gas station once part of various restaurants such as McAdoo’s and Boston’s House of Jazz. I can see wagons, Model Ts, Studebakers, Dodges, Chevrolets and Mack transfer trucks rumbling into town. How appropriate to have this small reminder of what made the Gate City — transportation — situated between the park and PAC.

While this has been discussed at the highest levels, at my urging, the answer seems to be no, we don’t want this building any longer."

You made a deal with the Devil, David. Nobody makes deals with the devil and wins. Even if your precious gas station is saved it will be my blog post that is given credit for saving it.

Either way, David B Craft is screwed.

Take pride in your new found wealth, David-- you earned it at the expense of your family's reputation and the reputation of Preservation Greensboro.