Friday, January 2, 2015

Hammer on Lyda Carpen

"Fired UNCG University Relations employee Lyda Carpen has filed her official petition to contest her firing.  Carpen is one of the UNCG 3 that was fired and arrested in September for improperly filling out their timesheets.  Carpen was arrested, not for improperly filling out her own timesheets but for signing timesheets that were improperly filled out by an employee she supervised.

It says a lot that Carpen’s boss, Associate Vice Chancellor Paul Mason, had Carpen arrested for signing improperly filled out timesheets, but when her grievance was heard by an employee relations committee, the committee members did not think that signing improperly filled out timesheets was a serious enough offense to support termination.

The committee did, by a 2-to-1 vote, uphold the firing based on the fact that Carpen admitted that she used a university computer, which she had permission to take home, for freelance work.  And also that she was paid to do freelance work for a company owned by employees she supervised.

It’s incredible that Mason and UNCG Chancellor Linda Brady believed that signing improperly filled out timesheets was such a egregious offense that it wasn’t enough just to fire Carpen, but that she also should be arrested for committing five felonies.  And the committee didn’t even think the offense was serious enough to warrant firing.  The courts agreed with the committee and the charges against Carpen were dismissed as quickly and quietly as possible.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what was really going on over there because the official reports don’t make a lick of sense."