Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jim Melvin was mayor of Greensboro in 1979

What was Melvin reported to have said in the run up and aftermath of November 3, 1979?

Is there a news database of reports on the issue, including the China Grove incident?

How did Melvin explain the incident to the city's population?

Why haven't most heard from Nelson Johnson since the issue reappeared?

What are Skip Alston and Earl Jones' opinions on the subject?

What has been Yvonne Johnson's stance on the subject?

The News and Record left out some pretty important information
in recent articles on the subject.

I have a feeling some of the folks who made the story and some crimes melt away, are some of the same folks who are considered leaders of our community.

I find it hard to believe there was video of white supremacists shooting and killing without recrimination by legal authorities....

or not.

The poverty currently experienced by some City of Greensboro residents
may be a consequence of what occurred.

Why would any corporation want to do business in a city
if they knew
what occurred was overseen by some of the same folks who let it go
without accountability
who are now in leadership positions who "represent" the city?

Something bad happened,
and it looks like the cover-up was worse than the crimes committed
and some of the same folks involved
appear to have a significant influence over current events.