Monday, January 5, 2015

New and Record's Allen Johnson "challenge to Trudy Wade"

"State Sen. Trudy Wade won’t say much about her interest in pruning the size of the Greensboro City Council from nine to seven members.
Nor will she say whose water she is carrying by suggesting such a change, though Roy Carroll appears to be one of the parties involved.

As an elected public official, Wade is neither leading nor being very public.

Nor are those unnamed business leaders whom she cites as wanting the change in the council makeup.

Talk about a proverbial back-room deal.

...if she truly wants to be open and honest on this issue, there’s an easy option:

She can use her own words.

She can spell out, the details of what she has in mind and precisely what the plan would accomplish.

She can say in writing whose bidding she is doing and she can be more forthcoming as to why.

She can also tell us why she would or wouldn’t let the people ultimately decide with a public referendum on the plan.

I’ll give her the space.

Or she can stay sequestered in the shadows and change people lives in her community from afar, with little explanation ... because she can."