Monday, January 19, 2015

Seems They Forgot Their Promises... Again

Professor David Wharton is somewhat concerned about the streetscaping of High Point Road and Lee Street. Not so much that the streetscaping is going on but that the streetscaping of the Aycock Historic District promised 6 years ago by the Greensboro City Council has yet to be started and is not planned despite the fact that it was supposed to be finished by now.


David and his neighbors have already contributed over $400,000 to the cause but the City of Greensboro has yet to do anything but take their money. Why? Could it be because this is east Greensboro? Or is it true what they say about shiny things?

Watch the video, learn more and if you wish, sign the petition by clicking the link.

Something tells me we are about to see a huge turnover in city council members as even some of the strongest supporters of our current council are bent over this issue.