Monday, January 5, 2015

The Arrest Of Bulent Bediz: The Cover-Up Begins

As was first reported Friday by Yes Weekly, 69 years old Bulent Bediz was arrested for allegedly assaulting a Greensboro Police Officer.

Over the course of the weekend myself and others submitted numerous public information requests to the City of Greensboro. I asked for all documents pertaining to Bulent Bediz's arrest. I received the Incident Report. I also asked received the Arrest Report.

 I asked for police body camera video as well. As of 5:00 PM GPD has not provided body camera video nor have they replied to my request for body camera video.

One of the documents I specifically asked for was a use of force document as officers are required to fill out after using force to arrest a suspect. The following is the City of Greensboro's reply to my request for such documents:

"Dear Billy:

Thank you for your recent public records request regarding the use of force documents.

In it, you wrote, “Please send me the Use of Force Documents police officers filled out as required when using force to arrest suspects concerning Friday's arrest of 69 year old Bulent Bediz of Lexington St.”

Unfortunately, this document is protected from release under NCGS 132-1.4 and 160-168.

Sarah Healy"

My reply:

Please ask the GPD and/or legal department to note what parts of § 132-1.4. and 160-168 apply?
As a matter of fact: why don't you get them to send me Chapter 160 as I've been unable to locate the existence of any Chapter 160 with the exception of the following link noted as "

§§ 160-1 through 160-521: Repealed and Transferred."

 All that law school education wasted...

Thank you, sorry you have to work with these people.


I called Sarah on the telephone just minutes ago and she said she believed 160-168 should have been 160A-168 but as she was only relaying the information she would have to verify. Either way, there's a lot of stuff there and I'd like to know what part of the rule covers them? Otherwise they could be just making it all up.

Interestingly enough, I also asked for 911 CAD information that should include every officer dispatched to the area. When I was there on Friday I saw well over a dozen police officers present and more driving through. Their reply:
"Dear Billy:

Thank you for your public records request regarding 911 CAD information for Friday, January 2, 2015.

It is difficult to narrow a section down for a search.  This search was completed by Guilford Metro 911 by drawing a large box around the area from Lee Street and McCormick making a square to Richardson and Highland.

Please see the attached document and let me know if you need anything further.

Sarah Healy"

But the list they sent me from 911 Metro included no such reference to anything taking place at Mr Bediz's home on Lexington Ave where he allegedly assaulted a police officer. Strangely enough, if you search GPD PTP you can find the event on January 2 at 12:08 PM at Mr Bediz's home address.

I'm not doubting Sarah's word on any of this. The Use of Force documents had to come from GPD and the 911 CAD had to come from Guilford Metro 911. Neither Sarah nor Guilford Metro 911 can produce documents that are being kept from them or were never produced in the first place.

There are numerous other PIRTs (Public Information Requests) that are still in the process of being filled. Quite honestly, some I've submitted are huge and go back years and while I've plenty of evidence to support Mr Bediz it never hurts to use the city's own documents and e-mails against them.

Did Bulent Bediz assault anyone? He personally told me he did not. A Greensboro Code Enforcement officer who didn't identify himself to me claimed to have witnessed the assault. Documents made public by GPD thus far list no witnesses. Police body camera videos have yet to be released. The officer who arrested Mr Bediz cannot be accounted for on 911 CAD documents. I cannot prove that Bulent did not assault someone and thus far the City of Greensboro has offered no evidence to show that he did and appears to be orchestrating yet another cover-up.

Is this the end? Hardly. Myself and others know who is behind this and before we are done police officers, city employees and UNCG employees will be rolling over on those responsible. The days of threatening retirements of loyal police officers and rank and file workers to force them to do the bidding of Greensboro's corrupt status quo elites are about to end once and for all.

And finally, don't you find it ironic that in this Associated Press article White House: Body cameras could improve public trust, the News & Record chose to use a photograph of arresting officer and alleged victim, M P Kress. Yeah, it's a cheap shot but with all the hoopla being tossed about how great body cameras would be and GPD's repeated refusal to release them who could resist?