Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Rhino's John Hammer on the News and Record's Joe Killian; "he makes things up and puts them in the paper"

"There was a reason why, when he was chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners and she was a commissioner, Skip Alston and Linda Shaw announced publicly on television that they would never speak to News & Record reporter Joe Killian again.

It’s because he makes things up and puts them in the paper.

He’s very good at it and people believe him.

Didn't John Hammer lie about Roy Carroll 
being involved in slashing City Council seats?

This week he wrote about the City Council discussion of the historical marker for the site of the Klan-Communist shootout in 1979.

Didn't John lie about Greensboro's police
and photography at Bicentennial Park
for which he apologized?

He described the discussion as “a fight so passionate it was as though the deadly clash had just happened,” – it wasn’t.

Joe made up an opinion?

The City Council had a heated discussion about a topic that councilmembers had different opinions.  This happens at almost every work session.  This council has a lot on which it doesn’t agree...

"a heated discussion"?

Hammer used an adjective, Killian used adjectives.

How was it made up?

The truth is that what councilmembers were most upset about is the same thing that has upset every council I have ever covered, and that is being blindsided with controversial issues.

"most upset"?


How does that make Joe's description not true?  

Councilmembers other than Sharon Hightower and Yvonne Johnson, who had written letters in support of the sign, said that they had only found out about the sign the day before the meeting and didn’t have any information.

There is no need to furnish a plaque for the KKK rally,
which has caused this city so much strife 
over these many years.  

It is one of the darkest days in Greensboro history.

John Hammer

It wasn't until the presentation was over that the councilmembers found out they had veto power.  Much of what was said was said in frustration over the fact that a sign commemorating something that most councilmembers would rather forget was being put up in their city without their permission.


There’s no telling what Killian is going to write when the council does get in a really passionate fight about some issue."

As I recall, Hammer made no mention of Skip Alston last week, after Alston lined up speakers to lobby for the Civil Rights museum bailout that could line Skip's pockets.
No mention of Skip Alston lining up civil rights speakers by Roy's Rhino's John Hammer