Thursday, February 26, 2015

Is City Council Passing The Buck On The RCC Co-op?

Darryl Baskerville, Chief Organizer of Greensboro for Justice and a USMC veteran bravely posted the following to his Facebook page:

"An argument for the City Council to fund the Ren CO-OP?
Christina Yongue, Goldie Wells, John Robert Kernodle III, Thessa Pickett

From section 3.61 of City Charter:

"In addition to other powers conferred upon it by law, the council may adopt and provide for the execution of such ordinances, rules, and regulations, not inconsistent with this charter, as may be necessary or appropriate for the preservation and promotion of the health, comfort, convenience, good order, better government, and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants."

Here's the link to the code Darryl spoke of.

John Robert Kernodle III added:

 "I'd love to combine this very specific point from the charter with the four core values on the city website - especially 'respect'. "

I've copied and pasted them for you so you don't have to click through:

"The  City of Greensboro’s four core values — honesty, integrity, stewardship and respect — existed long before they were ever written on paper. Our core values were not selected as ways to change our organization. Discovery of the core values was made through a series of exercises to identify what the priorities currently are for the organization. The core values attest to what we believe in.

  • Being truthful, ethical and principled
  • Being authentic
  • Taking a stand on important principles
  • Disclosing the entire truth
  • Firm adherence to a standard of values
  • Saying what we mean and constantly doing what we say
  • Honor
  • Trustworthiness and incorruptibility
  • Protection and care for community resources for positive purposes
  • Accountability for the current and future use of community resources
  • Responsibility without possessiveness
  • Placing the needs of the whole before one's own ends
  • Treating people with dignity and an attitude of caring and understanding
  • Showing genuine consideration for others
  • Valuing each individual as an individual"

Thessa Pickett and Christina Yongue made some great comments as well. I love the directness and lack of bullshit Greensboro's youth are showing-- so refreshing compared to the status quo. Like I wrote in How Greensboro Defines Economic Development:

"The truth is: real economic development is putting money in the pockets of the working class by providing them with good paying jobs. If you do that the tax revenue will follow and the cart will no longer be in front of the horse.

Anything else is an economic cost Greensboro must bear in the long run."

The RCC is putting jobs where they're needed most-- meets the criteria 100%.

I then added to the Facebook thread:

" Interesting, this is the same excuse the City is using to defer cost to fund the RCC to Guilford County. Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Jamal Fox, Tony Wilkins, George Hartzman, perhaps you'd like to address this as well?"

As the old folks used to say, I'm tired of waiting on the come. We get our co-op this year or City Council doesn't get reelected-- period.

The Renaissance Community Co-op is over a year behind where we could have been because of the shenanigans of the Greensboro City Council, Skip Alston, the East Market Street Development Corporation and other political operatives here in Greensboro who conspired to steal it away from us. We've raised $1.2 Million Dollars on our own and would have raised more had City Government not been working to break us. Tell City Council to Fully Fund the Renaissance Community Co-op now! 

I'll update with their responses should they do so.

After all, this exact same Council had no problem giving away $2 Million Dollars for a downtown project based on a falsified feasibility study that none of them want to talk about publicly.