Saturday, February 7, 2015

It appears N.C. House Representative John M. Blust and Bill Burkley were out of the loop on Trudy Wade's Greensboro City Council Culling

"Can someone explain to me the rationale of the seven districts. I understand the rationale for the downsizing and the four year terms. That is not to say I agree with that rationale. I am first trying to understand the bill. What criteria were employed in coming up with these particular districts? Also, what is the thought behind not allowing the Mayor to vote, but allowing the Mayor a veto? Again, maybe it is absolutely brilliant, but I am just trying to understand the thinking behind the details of the plan.

...I still would like to know what criteria were applied in designing the proposed districts. Some do not appear to be compact. What was the thinking behind this and other aspects of the proposal. What are the odds that the plan, if approved, would actually lead to better outcomes?"

N.C. House Representative John M. Blust

Where on earth is bill burkley, 
he was busy bunk bedding the city of Greensboro

Keith Brown 

"He didn't know about this either."

Brian Clarey