Friday, February 6, 2015

On Trudy Wade's City Council Redistricting Plan; "Skip Alston, spoke in favor."

"[Trudy Wade] called her bill a "work in progress."

"Wade said she was prompted to introduce her bill by people who don't want to be identified publicly because they have business before the council. The implication is they would somehow be subject to retaliation. She said the same thing when she advanced her school board bill, which shrank that body and made it partisan. It doesn't wash with me. As chairwoman of the legislative delegation, she required speakers at last night's meeting to state their name for the record. She should not give greater consideration to people who are unwilling to stand up in public and state their names.

...When High Point's City Council requested changes to its election system, legislators required it to seek voter approval in a referendum three months ago. It is not fair or consistent to require a vote of the people in High Point but deny it in Greensboro.

...Wade said she is glad to hear responses to her proposal. She has put it forward early in the legislative session, unlike the school board and commissioners plans, which were unveiled very late. There is plenty of time for everyone to be heard, and I hope indeed Wade will be influenced by public opinion."

Doug Clark