Thursday, February 26, 2015

Press Release: Rep. Jon Hardister Files "Honest Lottery" Act

"This week Rep. Jon Hardister (R-Guilford) filed HB 109 - Lottery Act Clarified - along with Rep. Paul Stam (R-Wake) and Rep. Rick Glazier (D-Cumberland). The bill would require state lottery ads to be more clear and promote transparency in lottery operations.

The highlights of the bill are as follows:

Requires lottery advertising to list the value of the lowest prize and the odds of winning the largest prize.

Prohibits lottery advertising at high school events.

Requires state agencies to disclose receipts and usage of lottery proceeds.

Requires the state legislature to approve gaming techniques that are not scratch-off or draw-style games.

"The purpose of this bill is to ensure that the lottery is authentic and transparent in how it operates," Hardister said. "If we are going to have a state lottery, then we have a duty to ensure that it is operated responsibly. This bill would help to accomplish that goal."