Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Forge. CoLab And HQ Greensboro

These are good for Greensboro but unless the Greensboro City Council and Greensboro's economic development "gurus" change the way they do business the knowledge and collaboration formed at these places will be taken to other cities more open to ideas other than real estate development as the primary means of economic development.

In other words, these wonderful institutions risk becoming training grounds for other cities just as Greensboro's universities have become.

Nothing against The Forge. CoLab and HQ Greensboro-- they are great institutions-- but like all great ideas, the great ideas they produce will always go to where they are best received no matter where they are born and it's time our "leaders" awoke to this reality.

Is Greensboro's downtown going to become known as an economic driver for the rest of the nation but not for Greensboro?