Wednesday, February 18, 2015

They Still Feel The Need To Feel Better Than The Rest Of Us

One often wonders why despite the fact that has a 4 year history of consistently breaking stories that none of our local main stream media publications have to date given us credit for doing so. Are they afraid of 4 unpaid writers and 20 or so unpaid researchers? Do they think a publication which serves no advertising and charges nothing might somehow corner the market? Are they afraid of the truth?

In today's Triad City Beat story by Jordan Green, Should it be Griffinboro or Carrolltown? a story this publication has published more hard numbers on than any other publication in the world, Jordan derides bloggers everywhere by writing,

"Who really wants this plan? Dozens of people filed before the Guilford County legislative delegation in council chambers at the Melvin Municipal Building last week to reject Wade’s bill, with only four people, including one who doesn’t even live in the city, speaking in favor of it. After the meeting, Wade said “a lot of people who don’t want their names known” are in favor of the plan, adding that they want to remain anonymous “because they fear reprisals and having their names in blogs.” (Do people still blog?)"

 When if fact if you click through the link to read Jordan's story you will find it is posted to a Wordpress powered blog platform RSS feed, comment form and all.
 Jordan credits every publication in Greensboro except ours-- the one with the most facts and figures concerning the subject. And the proof comes to you via e-mail should you comment and subscribe to comments:

You see, they just want to feel as if they're better than the rest of us. Jordan, Eric and Brian know all about this blog, they steal stories from here on a regular basis just as does the rest of the area main stream media. They're no better than us. In fact: we give attribution to every single story we do no matter how much we dislike the media source.