Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WTF? "City may come up short on Renaissance Co-op funding"

"...The co-op aims to open at the long vacant Renaissance Shopping Center on Phillips Avenue, creating access to groceries in the middle of one of the city’s food deserts. But after raising $1.2 million and despite backing from Greensboro City Council members, the funding may come up a half-million dollars short.

The co-op is currently requesting $600,000 from the city, one-third of that as a grant and two-thirds as a loan, down from an earlier ask of $700,000. But city staff, who are still finalizing a recommendation to bring before city council in the coming weeks, plans to recommend just $100,000.

Assistant City Manager Chris Wilson, who has been in regular talks with the Renaissance Co-op, said it looks like the significantly reduced figure is all the city can afford. supporters question the figure, saying the city led them to believe their larger request was reasonable and feasible.

...Goldie Wells, an active community leader who used to serve in council’s District 2 seat that covers the Renaissance Shopping Center, said that when council wants to find the money for something, they make it work.

“I don’t think that the $100,000 is adequate,” she said, “My reason being that we asked for this amount for some time, and I think the RCC has tweaked their proposal to the city four times, and no one ever said, ‘We will not be able to do this.’ We’ve been living with the hope because of the positive feedback."
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