Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Costs To Repair Heritage House: $17 Million

I asked the City of Greensboro to provide me with a copy of a report/study on the costs of repairing/rehabbing Heritage House, the condominium project condemned last July and property owners--some of them residents-- locked out by the City of Greensboro for a myriad of changing excuses . SKA Consulting Engineers has estimated the total costs of repairing the building at $16, 962, 000.

Click on the link to read the entire 55 page study.

What I find interesting is that the City of Greensboro building inspections department passed the building in 2008 when 177 units were sold to individual homeowners. From perfectly safe structure to a building recommended for destruction at a cost of $1,056,100 to the taxpayers in just 6 years must surely be a world record in inept governance.

And an excellent example of well-to-do developers getting their way while building inspections personnel are told by their bosses to look the other way.

If this doesn't justify a Federal investigation I don't know what does. And just so you know, as of last week Heritage House homeowners reported to me they have yet to be paid anything for their properties. As a matter of fact: no one from the City of Greensboro has contacted them since last August.

Their properties have been stolen. Pee and dog poop did not destroy the structural integrity of a concrete and steel building or cause the roof to leak.