Wednesday, March 18, 2015

George Hartzman's three Greensboro City Council minutes from 3 17 2015

It appears Roy Carroll and John Hammer have misled Rhino Times readers through Skip Alston on the likelihood Trudy Wade's District 7, where Roy Carroll lives and wants to be more white, will be represented by an African American Councilmember.

Roy Carroll's billboard next to his Bee Safe storage business on Battleground says the Rhino Times has over 70,000 readers for each issue.

After some rough math which both Roy Carroll and John Hammer declined comment on, I found it likely the Rhino has been misleading Greensboro's taxpayers, as Matt Brown runs a weekly Coliseum ad.

If City taxpayers are paying for Rhino ads under the impression they reach 70,000 readers weekly and it's not true, taxpayers and the Rhino's advertisers are overpaying via false advertising.

Inflating circulation is a form of theft, as advertising rates are based largely on circulation.

I call on Greensboro's city attorney and police department to investigate.

The City of Greensboro and anyone else doing business with Roy Carroll should immediately suspend any advertising, payments or barter agreements with the Rhino until this issue is cleared up.

On the Megasite 10 miles from another which already has water and sewer that the Rhino doesn't say much about, John Hammer reported the mayor said that it was all Bryan Foundation money, before the News and Record said "Melvin said the funding is coming by way of the Bryan Foundation and private monies."

So which is it John, and is Roy Carroll or any of his cronies involved considering you dished Project Haystack and not this one?

As Roy and Hammer appear to have no problems misleading voters, city taxpayers, their advertisers and East Greensboro, I believe they misled Greensboro's firefighters and police officers invested in the city's 457 retirement plan.

It seems John doesn't care if Greensboro's trash collectors, transportation workers and those who work in this building are overcharged, as long as John goes after Roy's business and political competitors while trashing his enemies.

John Hammer reported that "consultants are not free and the city has already spent a bundle proving" the federal government's plan for 4.6 million employees isn't better than the city's retirement plan, yet the city has yet to produce any documentation showing it paid for a consultant or that what I presented was incorrect.

Was my math incorrect Zack?


Zack Matheny


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Zack Matheny