Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Greensboro Business Owners: Vote With Your Feet

Greensboro business owners, many of them who live outside of Greensboro and cannot vote here but do business here anyway, are outraged that the City of Greensboro has discovered a means to circumvent-- at least in part-- state laws prohibiting the collecting of business privilege taxes as reported by today's News & Record.

Apparently lobbying state lawmakers wasn't enough to get the Greedsboro City Council under control. What to do, oh what to do?

There's really only one answer and you know what that answer is: vote with your feet. Since you can't vote in Greensboro, cannot lobby the actions of the City Council and efforts at the state level have failed you are left with but one choice: abandon Greensboro and take your business somewhere else depriving the City of Greensboro of your tax dollars and the positive economic impact your business brings to our city. If enough of you do it they'll come 'round.

Do it as a group and you might get a nearby city to make concessions for your entire group to move to their city. That would teach the Greensboro City Council a thing or three.

Of course, Council is betting that all you'll do is sit on your fat butts and bitch on social media. You know, like you always do.