Thursday, March 5, 2015

John Hammer; "Mayor Nancy Vaughan had said that Melvin didn’t have any personal investment in the area that it was all Bryan Foundation money."

As Mike Barber is a direct beneficiary of Bryan Foundation money
via First Tee of the Triad,
through which he pads his income along with Greensboro taxpayer support 
it appears Mike Barber had a conflict of interest
and should not have voted on item.

From Bryan Foundation funded Piedmont Triad Partnership's 2013 990;


Matheny is responsible 
for several of the most corrupt incentive packages 
ever passed by the City of Greensboro 

These days economic criminals even escape jail sentences, 
much less angry mobs. 

Voting in a new mayor changed nothing, 
we have no recourse but to wait for all to crumble 
and salvage what little remains.

Billy Jones

The group that’s buying land for the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite may soon form an authority of business people that would have the legal right to grant property to an automobile manufacturing company.

Who would be stupid enough to spend $22.5 million
to get water and sewer to a Megasite, 
about 10 miles away from another that already has it?

Former Greensboro Mayor Jim Melvin, chairman of a group that is accumulating parcels at a site in northwest Randolph County on the Guilford County line, said Wednesday that they control or own 1,200 acres — enough to qualify it as a megasite.

If an auto company does come,
it attracts development down 421, or so they think.  

In the much more likely event it does not come, 
they housing developers can then move out into the virgin farm land
on either side of 421 and down into Randolph.

Alan Ferguson

The group is part of the Piedmont Triad Partnership, a private, nonprofit economic development agency whose members are driving the project."

The last "Shovel Ready" money 
went directly to Zack Matheny and Nancy Vaughan's contributors.

How many times does it take to get scammed 
by some of our elected leadership
who are lining the pockets of their friends 
and campaign contributors?

"[David] Powell — with the blessings and funding of several top Triad executives including BB&T's Kelly King and former Greensboro mayor and banker Jim Melvin — bet big on two concepts: developing a megasite to attract what Powell called a "catalytic" project, like an automobile plant; and creating a group called Triad First Capital. TFC's mission is described as raising money and using it to "seed and nurture a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders in the Triad region."

No one would be that stupid, 
which is likely Mr. Hartzman’s point. 

"Stupidity" is not the cause for expending $22.5 million.

...the deployment of $22.5 million to a fledgling mega site, 
roughly 10 miles from a completed mega site, 
has nothing to do with free markets or capitalism. 

Win, lose or draw someone will make money at the expense of taxpayers.

Select and particular winners will emerge, at taxpayer expense. 

William Heasley

...As 2014 came to a close, Powell — working closely with Melvin and Greensboro real estate broker Sam Simpson — had success in piecing together options for about 1,350 acres in the Liberty area of Randolph County."

As a sitting City Councilman, Zack Matheny, 
in a violation of his oath of office and Greensboro's City Charter,
 has publicly applied to be the President of Downtown Greensboro, 
which receives monies from Jim Melvin's Bryan Foundation.

"...The Piedmont Angel Network [now part of the Bryan Foundation funded PTP] in the process of launching a sister organization to be known as Triad First Capital Network. That organization will be a membership group to which interested individuals will pay a membership fee in order to gain access to deals under consideration. The individual investor will decide whether to put his or her money into a particular company.

There was no mention that I recall, 
of a ready to go megasite 10 miles from the Randolph site
at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

...There's a limited number of qualified angel investors in the Triad, Dreyfuss says, so PAN and PTP want to make sure they all can find a way to participate.

"The idea is to have multiple investment vehicles for them," Dreyfuss says...

Like land next to where Greensboro taxpayer funded
water and sewer lines run outside the city limits
to benefit "stakeholders" Nancy Vaughan says don't exist?

Most of the deals that members of Triad First Capital Network will see ...commercial real estate development. Those kinds of deals would flow through Triad First Capital Private Equity, a separate fund currently in the fundraising stage being spearheaded by PTP CEO David Powell and others.

...The expanded investor options should succeed in bringing new investors to the table...

...He said he's got a list of about 50 people he's talked to in the past year interested in joining a network like the one being launched..."
"[Sam Simpson, David Powell and Jim Melvin's] Triad First Capital Investment Objective; achieve financial returns for members through private investments in select businesses and real estate assets...

Sam Simpson
General Partner, Triad First Capital

...At TFC, our management team believes that a principled investment approach...will yield the best outcomes for our members and the Triad.

Feels like Zack, the Nancy's etc... are lining up donors 
with the carrot of Greensboro taxpayer funded
"economic incentive" handouts?

"David Powell, who has worked for years on the megasite assembly efforts, said the Piedmont Triad Partnership is already working with several undisclosed parties such as foundations to help raise funds for additional land acquisitions at the site."

Did Greensboro's city council vote
without knowing whose private interests they were benefiting, 
or did they? 

...the next step will be to seek funding from several other potential stakeholders, including the state of North Carolina, the city of Greensboro and foundations such as the Golden Leaf Foundation.

...David Powell, who has been working for years on megasite assembly efforts, said Monday that the next step is to seek additional partners to raise funds for land acquisitions at a site that could grow to as large as 2,000 acres.

Sitting City Councilman Mike Barber, 
who profits from Greensboro's taxpayers via First Tee of the Triad,
receives benefits from Jim Melvin's Bryan Foundation, 
which supports his income.

Powell said PTP will approach other stakeholders, including state and local governments and local foundations, to raise funds for additional land.

Jim Melvin serves on both the Bryan Foundation 
and Piedmont Triad Partnership boards.

"We're going to go to all the usual suspects that you need to go to for an economic development project," said Powell, who is transitioning out of his role as president and CEO of PTP while also helping to create a new organizational structure for the megasite that would represent the interests and views of all partners seeking a stake in the project.

Especially along 421?

...Powell said he has been asked by the PTP board to complete land assembly for the megasite over the next six months and work with various stakeholders to "consider all options" for its future organizational structure.

Remember when Zack and Robbie Perkins
were involved in a deal across the street from a GTCC building
that received water and sewer
which meant their deal got water and sewer?

...Of course, whatever structure manifests itself will not have any type of profit-motive.

Did Sam Simpson make money on the Randolph sale?

Powell said he plans on staying in the Triad to pursue the private commercial real estate business.

He is pursuing partnerships with Simpson, as well as developers who have nothing to do with the Randolph County megasite."

How about developers who are going to make bank
along a new Greensboro taxpayer subsidized water and sewer extension?

"I've been working on this since 2011," Powell said. "It was my idea. It was something that I put a lot of risk into.

Personal financial risk?

...I think we are going to be able to entice other stakeholders to put money into it."
"Our position was ridiculed at length
by a sneering Councilman Matheny.

That is the first time
I have been treated to that kind of disrespect.

Remember when Robbie Perkins
made money from getting taxpayer funded water and sewer 
to the old Pilot Life building?

There were numerous remarks from council
about annexations, and "development" down 421.

The council seems to have taken as a given
that "The Golden Leaf" is going to come in and pay for everything.

Remember when Robbie, Zack and Nancy Vaughan
voted to give Roy Carroll a sewer line under the highway 
for Roy's AMEX property, which provided water and sewer
to Roy's other property next to it?

Mr. Solomon stated
that he had been hired by the Bryan Foundation to do so,
and that he had found "the best site in the southeast".

Heard that before?"

Alan Ferguson
I believe Zack Matheny, Nancy Vaughan, Nancy Hoffmann, Mike Barber etc... put their own interests in front of the best interests of the City of Greensboro.

Remember when then Greensboro mayor Robbie Perkins
negotiated a $19 million deal with the county 
to bring water and sewer lines to eastern Guilford County
and open up 9,000 acres to development?

Why wasn't the money Greensboro taxpayers "invested" in eastern Guilford County for "9,000 acres of development" good enough to get to the prison farm?

Remember when there was very little Rhino coverage of Randall Kaplan's hotel incentive, which the Rhino crushed Project Haystack, which would have competed with Roy Carroll's properties directly south. 

Remember David Hagan walking with $590,000 of taxpayer money on a deal like this?

Remember when Guilford County's Commissioners gave Robbie Perkins' LLC a $124,000 grant, right before he sold Gunter's Crossing to Chester Brown? 

Remember when Mike Solomon with The Timmons Group said the Project Haystack team had been in conversations with Burlington and Greensboro regarding an estimated $15 million water supply line extension from Burlington and a $20.1 million sewer line extension from Greensboro? 

Remember the economic feasibility study that said if Project Haystack was fully built out, it could generate $39.1 million in state and local tax revenue?

Remember when Solomon said the Project Haystack team
started conversations with landowners, 
and worked to form a nonprofit entity and an interlocal agreement,
just like the Randolph deal?

See how the Rhino under-reports incentive deals 
related to Roy Carroll's friends or Roy, 
and scrutinizes deals that compete with Roy and friends?

Remember Samet's $600,000 shovel ready loan advocated by Matheny
and the correlating campaign contributions?

Remember Windsor Development's loan advocated by Matheny
and the correlating campaign contributions?

Should the chair of the City's Economic Development Committee accept campaign contributions from employees of entities receiving money from the city via city council votes advocated and voted on by Zack Matheny?

Remember when Zack Matheny denied Sam Simpson 
was going to make any money on the Gerbings incentive deal
and the correlating campaign contributions?