Monday, March 9, 2015

Support Or Campaigning?

 District 2 City Coumcilman Jamal Fox posted the following to his Facebook page this morning. It will be interesting to see if he answers my question?

(Click on the screen grab to view full size)

I can't help but wonder how someone's mere presence is deemed as support for anything? What are Principal Dixon and Captain Giles asking for-- if anything? Or is Jamal simply doing his version of kissing babies in an effort to be seen as supporting my community?

I supported Jamal's run for office 2 years ago. I wrote numerous articles pointing out the crimes of his opponent with the media would not. I wrote articles in favor of Mr Fox. I spoke out in favor of Mr Fox. That was support. Since getting elected Jamal Fox has ignored me, he won't even look me in the eyes.

How's that for support?

On a lighter note, one of my favorite singer-songwriters doing a song I used to perform on stage years ago. Enjoy: