Monday, March 30, 2015

Will The Greensboro-Randolph Megasite Be Too Late?

The "movers and shakers" are rushing to spend over $200 Million Dollars of State taxpayer dollars, over $21 Million Dollars of Greensboro taxpayer dollars, a chunk from Randolph County, Asheboro, and Guilford County to lure an automaker to the proposed Greensboro-Randolph Megasite located just across the county line in Randolph County but will they be too late?

Not a single stone has been turned, even a blade of grass pushed aside for the proposed project and already Volvo is announcing they will pick from over already 180 available sites in just 30 days. From Fox News:

"Volvo Cars is planning to build an assembly plant in the U.S.

The $500 million plant will be Volvo's first car plant in North America.

The Swedish automaker says it has a short list of possible locations, but didn't reveal them Monday. Spokesman Russell Datz says Volvo will announce the location in about a month."

Will the Greensboro City Council continue to push to build this megasite now that Volvo is almost certainly lost? Would you?

That's right, some say Land Rover is still considering a US location but that's 1 car company with it's pick of 180 completed megasites nationwide. 

The positive economic impact would be greater if $200 Million were simply dropped from helicopters over downtown Greensboro.