Monday, April 6, 2015


"Greensboro’s highest paid employee, Matt Brown, announced that he will host a press conference regarding the Tangier Performing Arts Center. The press conference will be held at the White Oak Amphitheatre.

Greensboro’s Communication Manager Donnie Turlington told YES! in an exclusive interview that Brown expected a large crowd and wanted to make sure that everyone would be able to attend. “Mr. Brown plans to address the controversy regarding fundraising and he will also lay out several of the acts that have already been booked,” Turlington said.

When asked about the specifics of the fund raising controversy, Turlington reported that Walker Sanders of the Community Foundation had sent the city council an email reporting that the fundraising for the Tangier Performing Arts Center was severely behind schedule.

Sanders’ email is a sad tale of failure to say the least. In the email to the council, Sanders admits that the fund raising for the estimated $65 million center is so far behind that the opening date won’t be met. The $65 million was planned to be made up with $30 million in funding from the city and $35 million in private donations from the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro (CFGG).

Sanders wrote, “We aren’t going to reach our goal. Our fundraising efforts have been about as effective as tits on a boar hog.” Sanders is the president of CFGG.

When contacted by YES! about the controversy, Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan admitted she was taken aback by the news. “I am as shocked as everyone else. I will be at the press conference today and hopefully we can make adjustments that will put us back on track.”

Greensboro City Councilman Tony Wilkins, told YES! that he too will attend the press conference and he agrees with the mayor about making adjustments. “Adjustments can be made fast, quickly and efficiently if people communicate. I see it all the time at those fine restaurants on Gate City Boulevard. Sometimes, I see people order one thing but change their mind. Hell, I’ve done it myself. All you gotta do is wave down the waitress and make an adjustment and the problem is solved. Sounds to me like we just need to drop the tits on the boar hog like efforts and get this thing efficient as that big ole’ Chinese buffet over there on Gate City Boulevard.”

When asked about the possible adjustments that could be made, Brown told YES! that he plans to offer a different type of entertainment at the center due to the lack of fundraising.

“I’ve known that this could be a possibility and have already began looking into more affordable acts. Walker really put us in a tough spot but I’ll fix it. Greensboro is about to see why I get paid big bucks,” Brown chuckled.

Brown listed several acts that he said were signed and ready to perform this spring at the center regardless of the money issues. Brown said he could have musical performances by The True Brothers, David Hoggard, Sir Mix A Lot and Black Cock along with seminars by George Hartzman and former Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins.

Brown also voiced his frustrations with Sanders inability to keep the fundraising on track.

Sanders told YES! that he was frustrated with the issue as well because he has put in a lot of work on this project. Sanders said, “It’s not like we haven’t tried. I work hard. It’s not like the only thing I have to worry about is the jagged curves on the side of the Greensboro Aquatic Center. I thought we could really gain some momentum if we could have won some more money at the A1A Sweepstakes. I was pretty bummed when they closed because I finally got on a roll on Machine 6. Any who, my team and I have created a list of other fundraising ideas and we plan to move forward with them expedi tiously.”

Sanders pulled out several hand drawn posters for events he claimed could save the ship from sinking. Cow Patty Bingo, midget wrestling, wet t-shirt contests and monster truck rallies were some of the events Sanders and his team envision as fundraising functions.

“We won’t just stop there either.

Because Greensboro has such a diverse community we are going to look into having cock fights at Center City Park on Saturday nights too,” Sanders added.

Brown bristled at Sanders’ hand drawn posters and openly voiced his displeasure about the events planned.

“Walker is a good guy but I think his ideas about holding cock fights, midget wrestling and wet t-shirt contests are about as bright as a burnt out light bulb. I think he just underestimated the amount of work it takes to raise $35 million. The boy got baptized by fire. Now, it’s all up to me,” Brown said.

YES! was able to track down Greensboro City Manager Jim Westmoreland, while he was using the men’s room at Country Barbeque on Wendover Avenue and he had this to say about the controversy. “I really don’t know what the plan is between those two whack jobs and I really don’t care. I got nine other jerks breathing down my neck about stupid stuff all the time. I can’t manage everything,” Westmoreland said before flushing the toilet."