Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Can Bessemer Aquaponics Raise Seafood?

Several people have asked about raising various kids of seafood and salt water fish at Bessemer Aquaponics​.

The problem with saltwater is that most of the plants we consume will not grow in salt water and removing then re adding the salt would cost a fortune if we could do it at all. That said, never say never.

One possibility is to grow Kelp, a kind of seaweed that is eaten around the world. Some of the kelp could be fed to the fish we raise. Some of the kelp could be composted and used to grow Asparagus as Asparagus likes growing in salty soils.

Of course the Kelp could be used in traditional Kelp recipes as used in Korea, China, Japan, England, Scotland and Wales.

And then last night I dreamed of Kelp Chips-- Kelp as a snack food, a new industry for Greensboro and woke up wondering if it is indeed possible. So with a few seconds on Google I learned that it is indeed possible: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=kelp+chips&nirf=kale+chips

This is how economic development works. One idea is followed up on and others follow suit from the ground up. A hundred or more new industries could be born in Greensboro all because of this one effort.

Come join us tomorrow night at Bessemer Aquponics.