Wednesday, April 8, 2015

City Council spends $25,000 of everyone else's money to save themselves

I don't really care what happens with the redistricting.

Looks like Deena Hayes-Green will run in Roy's District 7.

Our council members stole from everyone's kids on this one.

Mike Barber should be defeated and run out of town, IMO.

I have never seen an elected public official lie as much as I, among others have witnessed Mr. Barber lie.

Mike Barber is Jim Melvin's boy on the Megasite deal.

Mike Barber should never have voted on the Megasite RFP.

I believe Mr. Barber has very few scruples, if any.

Mr. Barber is such a lowlife, he sicked Amiel Rossabi on me after I caught Mike lying.

Mr. Barber is guilty of corruption of his office.

Mr. Barber lied on his City Council disclosure.

Mr. Barber makes money off of Greensboro's taxpayers while serving as an elected official.

Mr. Barber needs to remove himself from public life.

Mayor Nancy Vaughan didn't do anything, as she is guilty of some of the same acts of corruption as Mr. Barber, only different.

Most of these people need to go.

Most of our local media have been gagged or have acted in cowardice.

Yes, that includes Joe Killian and Amanda Lehmert.

Yes, that includes Jeff Gauger.

Certainly John Hammer, but that's a known, known, which the News and Record won't report, as the facade of the loyalty to Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway would be exposed in the same breath.

Greensboro got the government it deserves.

Here's proof;

Will Berkshire Hathaway's News and Record report how Warren Buffett preys on the poor; Clayton Homes Edition
The News and Record is just as compromised as the Rhino Times.

They are fighting Trudy Wade to keep taxpayer funded public notice money, while bashing her on the redistricting without pointing out the conflict.

Wonder why Raleigh and Charlotte's economies took off while Greensboro was left in the dust?

Part of the answer is contained within this post.

Our community has been sold to the highest bidders, and our press is so fcuked up, overwhelmingly most don't even know.