Sunday, April 19, 2015

Councilmen Barber And Matheny Accused Of Conspiracy

This time it isn't me, Folks, it's Cindy Hayworth and the Greensboro News & Record who claim:

"DGI interim CEO Cyndy Hayworth said the threat came Tuesday in a telephone call from City Councilman Mike Barber.

“I received a call and was given an ultimatum or a deadline,” Hayworth said in an interview Friday.

“The parameters around that were, ‘If you make a decision on the hiring of a CEO by a certain time, then the City Council would not vote to stop funding to DGI,’ ” she said."
The salary for the CEO of Downtown Greensboro Inc is well over $100,000 a year. That makes this claim a felony if true. The Greensboro City Council and City of Greensboro have no legal option other than to turn this case over to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation as Greensboro Police are not an independent of the City of Greensboro.

That, my friends, is the law.

From the same article:

"In an interview Friday, Matheny said he wasn’t part of Barber’s call to Hayworth, but it sounds like a misunderstanding that didn’t need to be played out in the media. 

Matheny said he’ll continue to pursue the job and hopes the dust-up between Barber and Hayworth won’t affect his candidacy."

Of course Zack Matheny doesn't want the story to be played out in the media-- back room dealings are what he's known best for. Zack's personal business model requires that he control large sums of other peoples' money in order to stay in business-- passing out government grant money and government incentives is all White Oak Capital does. As CEO of DGI he would have $1.2 Million more in City tax dollars under his direct control and by remaining on City Council he can work to increase that amount just as he worked with Nancy Barakat Vaughan to double DGI funding to what it is today in 2013.

Indeed, this is very much a conspiracy and thanks to Mike Barber, Zack got caught.